Friday, April 30, 2010

Walgreens Suggestive Selling Item of the Month

Suggestive Selling Item of the Month



This months Suggestive Selling promotion features some of the same stuff from previous

times, Wylers Light, Freezer Ice Pops, Cafe W Brownies,

but this month

gives you the opportunity to snag some free dental care items

These are priced at .99 great for fillers and for helping your super friendly cashier/beauty advisor

rack up some points on the Suggestive Selling rankings


The Following are the UPC’s of the Reach Floss that is included

Mint Waxed 55yard 3-81370-09217-9

Cleanburst 55yard 3-81370-09470-8

(I didn’t get the toothbrushes because I couldn’t find them but there are two specific types of Reach Toothbrushes included.)

Listerine Total Care 95ml 3-12547-30695-9

Listerine Cool Mint 95ml 3-12547-42795-1

Here’s how to get the Floss or Toothbrushes for free

–+– Look for the following coupons –+–

6/14/2009 SmartSource Save $1.00 off 1 Reach Dental Floss (excludes trial sizes) OR Access Flosser ex:5/31/2010

3/07/2010 Red Plum Save $1.00 off 1 Reach Dental floss or any Reach Access Flosser ex:12/31/2010

10/18/2009 Red Plum Save $1.00 off 1 Reach Dental Floss OR Reach Access Flosser ex:6/30/2010

The use of these coupons will result in a negative balance of -0.01 which again makes them good for a filler

Thanks much to GWC

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